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DIG at 59 E. 59th Theater through Nov. 5th

Review by Ronald Gross, New York Theater Buying Guide

Written and directed by Theresa Rebeck. With Mary Bacon, Jeffrey Bean, Greg Keller, David Mason, Triney Sandoval, and Andrea Syglowski

DIG is the most compassionate, witty, and dramatically dazzling new play of the fall Off-Broadway season.

In a dying plant shop in a dying neighborhood, the proprietor receives a visitor from the past: Megan, with a tragic unresolved past. What ensues is unrelentingly compelling and continually surprising. And it’s a bracing vaccine against the tragic news we wake up to every morning these days: violence, uncaring, cruelty, and worse.

You will find yourself afterwards wanting to ponder the root questions raised by this affecting work.

"Rebeck has spiked her script with comedy, and enlisted a cast as nimble with laugh lines as with prickliness and pain,"declaredThe New York Times Theater Critic. But the work is challenging enough to trigger controversy among theater-goers: the New Yorker’s Helen Shaw kvetched that it’s a “mind-boggling misfire.”

The lead performers -- Jeffrey Bean as the store-owner and Andrea Syglowski as the unexpected visitor who upsets everyone’s apple-cart -- are extraordinarily affecting.

For a head-start on your enjoyment, settle into your seats a bit early and savor the visually stunning set which would itself trigger a round of applause if we still started shows with a curtain-raising.

You will probably recognize the name of the playwright and director, Theresa Rebeck, for her prior award-winning plays and her regular author-credits on TV shows including Law & Order: Criminal Intent and N.Y.P. D. Blue.

Please note that DIG contains smoking, and content contains sexual situations and descriptions of suicide and child death.

Complete information and to purchase tickets:www.59E59.com